Badings, HenkTrio no Xharp, alto flute, violaDonemus12'1977
Birtwistle, HarrisonOrpheus Elegieharp, oboe, contratenorInspired on the poems of RilkeBoosey and Hawkes35'2004 premiered by Ursula Holliger and others in Luzern
Crumb, GeorgesFederico's little songs, canciones para ninosharp, flute, sopranoYoutubeEdition Peters20'1986
Durmus, UgrasTrioirtharp, flute, violaYoutubeUgras Durmus10'2007
premiered by TriDalí (Sabien Canton, harp)
Erkoraka, GabrielAsklepiosharp, flute, percussionYoutubeCommissioned by the Spanish Ministry of Culture, "Asklpios" is named after the Greek god of medicine.Oxford University Press09'2010 premiered by Trio Maya
Eötvös, PeterPsyharp, flute, altoYoutubeComposed for cimbalon (or harp,= or piano or bassmarimba) flute and cello (or alto)Ricordi, Munich2002 premiered by Ensemble Intercontemporain (Frédérique Cambreling, harp)
Feldmann, WalterCourbes séquencesharp, flute, altoYoutubeCarlus Verlag, Stuttgart11'1994 premiered by Trio Basel (Sarah O'Brien, harp)
Gagi PetrovicstRrrct harp, voice, electronicsFirst prize winning composition Dutch Harp Composition Festival 201406'2013
Genzmer, HaraldTrioharp, flute, violaYoutubeEdition Peters21'1959
Gubaidulina, SofiaGarten von freuden und traurigkeitenharp, flute, viola (and speaker ad lib.)YoutubeEdition Sikorski16'1981
Gubaidulina, SofiaFünf Etüdenharp, double-bass, percussionpublished by Musikverlag Hans Sikorski Hamburg12'1965
Henze, Hans WernerCarillon, Récitatif, Masqueharp, guitar, mandolineedition Schott08'
Holliger, HeinzTrioharp, oboe (cor anglais), altoDedicated to Ursula Holliger.Schott14'1966
Horsthuis, MauriceTLharp, flute, violaTL was commisioned by TriDali for the Dutch Young Talent Debut tour09'2006
premièred by TriDalí (Sabien Canton, harp)
Huber, KlausL'Age de notre ombreharp, flute, alto (or viole d'amour)Ricordi15'1998 premiered by Ensemble Alternance (Véronique Ghesquière, harp)
Kagel, MauricioZwei Akteharp, sax (sopranino, alto and bariton) and actorYoutubePeters1998/1989
Kaptijn, KoenSix Monographsharp, flute, viola and tapeYoutubeThe live harp flute viola trio plays and improvises with a tape that has been recorded in an earlier stage.koen.kaptijn@gmail.com12'2008
premièred by TriDalí (Sabien Canton, harp)
Krieken van, LaetitiaSaptadháharp, flute, violaSaptadhá is written by jazz pianist Laetitia van Krieken. Every part is related to a day in the week.sabiencanton@yahoo.com15'2003
premièred by TriDalí (Sabien Canton, harp)
Kühne, RemkoFantasieharp, flute, violaImpressionistic piece with a latin jazzy end.sabiencanton@yahoo.com10'2002
premièred by TriDalí (Sabien Canton, harp)
Maayani, AmiTrioharp, flute, violaYoutubeBroekmans en van Poppel14'1969
Manders, FriedZeven Impressiesharp, flute, violaQuai des ofèvres - Wingdings - Ultima Thule - Salomé - Isidoors cakewalk - Arjuna's wiegenlied - Czardassabiencanton@yahoo.com14'2003 premiered by TriDali (Sabien Canton, harp)
Matalon, MartínFormas de arenaharp, flute (and alto flute) altoBillaudot, Paris13'2001
Meijering, ChielMoecha Tsakatoecha2 harps and mezzo sopranoYoutubeLyrics by Kornei Tchukovsky. Donemus, Amsterdam09'2008 premiered by Duo Bilitis (Eva Tebbe and Ekaterina Levental, harp)
Murray Schafer, RaymondTrioharp, flute, violaArcana Editions10'
Narita, KazukoGuilandes2 harps and clavecimbelMother Earth Publishing, Tokio10'2004
Palinckx, JacqHenry's Threesome Dreamharp, flute, violaHenry is going mad and hears a lot of voices in his head. As beautiful as violentJacq Palinckx07'2003
premièred by TriDalí (Sabien Canton, harp)
Scelsi, GiacintoOkanagonharp, double-bass, tamtamYoutubeEditions Salabert, Paris10'1968
Schnittke, AlfredHymnus 1harp, cello, kettledrumsMusikverlag Hans Sikorski Hamburg12'1977
Spiropoulos, GiorgiaEphemerals and dronesharp, double-bass, percussionÉdition dus Spiropoulos11'2007 premiered by Frédérique Cambreling
Takemitsu, ToruAnd then I knew 't was windharp, flute, violaYoutubeThe title of this work is drawn from a short poem by Emily Dickinson13'1992 premiered by Naoko Yoshino
Vries de, KlaasDrie harpisten: drie stukjes voor 3 kleine harpenthree harps Deuss music07'
Yuasa, JojiInter-posi-play-tion IIharp, flute, percussionZen On1973
Werkman, Arne3 Lieder sur des poèmes de S. Mallarmé. Op. 30harp, soprano, oboe1)Soupir 2) Rêve Antique 3) La Chanson de Deborah. Donemus Amsterdam06'1997
Werkman, Arne’Trio Opus 51harp, flute, violaALAW Music Publishing, Wales
Hölscher, RietekeEarcatcher-Digitalisharp, flute, violaDonemus, Amsterdam06'2016
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