Alain, Louvierl'Harpenteur étrangeharp soloCommissioned by Jakez FrancoisBillaudot Paris06'2010
André, MarkUn-Finiharp, tam-tam and grand cassaPercussion is played by the harpistCarus Verlag09'1995
Aperghis, GeorgeFidélité pour harpiste seule regardée par un hommeharp solo youtubemonologue for harp ist, singing, laughing, screaming and man whatchingvia www.aperghis.com16'1982
Ayres, Richard(oh, he's gone) (...such is life)harp solo (with untrained voice)written for Maria Clearypublished by Villa-R Music03'1996
Bellocq, IvanDel'oubli s'éveilleharp soloInspired on the poeme of Pablo Neruda 'La harpe'.Editions Harposphère12'2006 premiered by Isabelle Daups
Berio, Luciano Sequenza IIharp solofirst avantgarde solo piece for the harp exploring various soundcolors, especially percussive sounds on the harp
Broekmans en van Poppel
Birtwistle, HarrisonCrowdharp soloBroekmans en van Poppel10'2005
Breschand, HélèneMinotaureharp soloMisterioso Paris08'2008
Brief, ToddMomentsharp solovia Todd Brief06'1997
Bulsink, Wilbert Voordatharp solocalme soft piece using high harmonics on the bass stringswilbertbulsink@gmail.com04'2013
Bussotti, SylvanoFragmentations pour un joueur de harpsharp soloAldo Bruzzichelli1962
Byrnes, GarretVisions in Twilightharp soloyoutubewritten for the Harpcontest in Bloomington 200007'2000
Campana, José LuisLust-ichharp soloyoutubeVersion for 2 harps 2012
Concours du CNSM de Lyon
Billaudot Paris13'1987 premièred by Lidia Tamayo
Campo, RégisÉlytresharp soloLemoine Paris09'2003
Carter, ElliotBariolageharp soloyoutubeFirst piece of 'Trilogy' for harp and oboeBroekmans en van Poppel08'1992
Davies, PaulBerlin Motivesharp solowritten for Ernestine Stoopvia ernstoop@xs4all.nl09'1997/98
Davies, RhodriAdh for suspended harps, butane burners and electric whisksharp soloGraphic score2008
De Raaff, RobinContradictie IIIharp solopublished by Deuss music06'1997
Donatoni, FrancoMarches, Due pezzi per arpaharp soloyoutubeComposed for Spoleto Festival des Deux MondesRicordi Milan09'1979 premiered by Elena Zaniboni
Downs, Jessie Noticing and Truth-Tellingharp solo, in scordaturayoutubePrice winnig composition in Dutch Harp Festival, jessiedowns.tumblr.com10'2013
Edles-Copes, AurelioSeul(e)harp and voice2009 premiered by Eloïse Labaume
Emmerik Ivo(part of) everything 4harp 07'2011
Fedele, IvanSuite Francese Vharp solopublished by Edizioni Suvini Zerboni13'2011
Finnissy, MichaelTwo scenes from 'Shameful Vice'harp soloyoutubeOxford University Press06'1995
Ford, RonBroken Melodyharp solowritten for Ernestine Stoopvia ernstoop@xs4all.nl08'1995
Fournier, Marie-HélèneLune Rousseharp solowritten for Hélène Breschandvia Brigitte Sylveste or Artefact1994
Fournier, Marie-Hélène4 autre musesharp solowritten for Brigitte Sylvestrevia Brigitte Sylvestre or Artefact1995
Gilles, CarréPrologue et minitiaturesharp soloEditions Musicales Européenes09'1992 premiered by Hélène Breschand
Hamel, Peter MichaelMiniaturenharp solo7 movements on Indian topicspublished by Bärenreiter19'1978/80
Hayakawa, Masaaki2 Impromptusharp soloBroekmans en van Poppel1964
Heeneman, MichielOkerharp solowritten for Idske BakkerDonemus11'2001
Hirose, RyoheiÉlégiaharp soloZen-On06'1998
Holliger, HeinzSequenzen über Johannes 1,32harp soloyoutubeone of the first avantgarde pieces, written for his wife Ursula Holligerfor the Netherlands order: broekmans04'1962
Holliger, HeinzPartita (II)harp solowritten for the ARD competition 2004published by Schott
for the Netherlands order Broekmans en van Poppel
Hosokawa, Toshio 2 Japanese Folksongs and Gesineharp soloslow atmospheric music, referring to the traditional Japanese music on KotoBroekmans en van Poppel10'2009
Hosokawa, ToshioNeben dem Flussharp solopiece inspired op texts by Hermann HesseBroekmans en van Poppel
Hosokawa, ToshioRe-Turning IIharp soloSchott 15'2001 premiered by Ayako Shinozaki
Houben, Eva-MariaAeolian harpharp soloGraphic scoreEdition Wandelweiser2009
Hölscher, Rieteke The Story of the Dragonfly: Mud - Bubbles - Flow - Spark - Rock - Rustle - Flyharp solowww.rieteke holscherComposition in two parts, inspired by the four classical elements: earth, water, wind and fire. Valeur Ajoutee07'2013
Ichiyanagi, ToshiStill time IIIharp sololyric japanese pieceBroekmans en van Poppel05'
Jarrell, MichaelOffrandeharp soloyoutubeLemoine Paris12'2001 premiered by Frédérique Cambreling
Jolas, BetsyTrancheharp soloLes Editions Heugel Paris07'1967 premiered by Francis Pierre
Kimbell, MichaelArctic Ballade
(abriged version)
harp soloyoutube“Ballade Arctique” explores the colouristic and virtuosic capabilities of the harp to retell a true story of the Canadian north.Kimbell music2012 - 2013
Kimbell, MichaelBallade Arctiqueharp soloCommercial CDpremiere: Hochschule für Musik, Frankfurt, Germany2013 premiered by Katrina Szederkényi
Knowles, AlisonA piece for harpharp solographic score02'2010
Kontz, CatherineTea Ceremonyharp solographic scorevariable2005
Lejet, EdithLes Métamorphosesharp soloÉditions Musicales Transatlantiques Paris03'1982
Levy, FabienLes deux ampoules d'un sablier peu à peur se comprennentharp solo amplifiedBillaudot Paris08'1996
Ligier, FrédéricComme les vaguesharp soloPrice winning composition of the Dutch Harp Composition Contest 2012Editions Fertile Plaine10'2012 premiered by Sabien Canton
Liu, Elbert Manhauntharp soloThis piece depicts the unfortunate fate of a random bypasser who gets stalked and hunted down by an unseen entity at midnight.Elbert Liu
Lo, Shih-Wei Things hoped for, Things unseenharp, electronics, video optionalatmospheric piece, different techniques to archieve different colors, blending with electronics10'2012
Ma'ayani, AmiToccataharp solovirtuos piece, Obligatory Composition for the 2nd International Harp Contest in Israel – 1962 Broekmans en van Poppel061961/69
Ma'ayani, AmiSonata No.1harp soloBroekmans en van Poppel14'1979
Ma'ayani, AmiSonata No.2harp soloBroekmans en van Poppel19'1990
Ma'ayani, AmiMaquamatharp soloBroekmans en van Poppel07'1961, 1984 revised
Ma'ayani, AmiPassacaglia dans un style orientalharp soloObligatory Composition for the 9th International Harp Contest in Israel – 1985Broekmans en van Poppel09'1975
Ma'ayani, Ami5 pieces for a young harpistharp soloPedagogical work, dedicated to Ruth Maayani In five movementsBroekmans en van Poppel10'1974
Mahnkopf, Claus-SteffenStheno und Euryaleharp soloTwo version available: harp solo or two harps (the second harp in scordatura)Sikorski06'1997
Mantovani, BrunoTocarharp soloyoutubeLemoine07'2007 premiered by Contance Luzzati
Miroglio, FrancisMoiresharp soloMorceau de concours for CNSM Paris in 1985Salabert Paris12'1995
Murray Schafer, RaymondThe Crown of Ariadneharp solo and percussion instrumentsyoutubepublished by Arcana Editions1980
Murray Schafer, RaymondThe Crown of Ariadneharp solo with percussionyoutubeArcana Edition1979 premiered by Judy Loman
Myrmel, Thomas Wings Impartedharpist solo on two instrumentsone harpist between two harps, changing, moving, playing between themtommyrmel@gmail.com08'2013
Méfano, PaulInstantanée pour harpeharp soloDedicated to Hélène BreschandÉditions Musicales Européennes2005
Natra, SerguiA book of hebrew songsharp soloThese lovely songs by Sergiu Natra were inspired by Jewish folk tunes and commissioned by the Israel Composers' Fund in Jerusalem.Publisher: Israel Music Institut
for the Netherlands order Broekmans en van Poppel
12'1977 premiered by Pearl Chertok
Natra, SerguiSonatinaharp soloThis piece was composed for the 3rd International Harp Contest in Israel in 1965. It joins the ranks of harp repertory as an excellent example of idiomatic contemporary music for harp of the 1960's.Published by Israel Music Institut
for the Netherlands order Broekmans en van Poppel
Natra, SerguiPrayerharp sololyric piecePublished by Israel Music Institut
for the Netherlands order Broekmans en van Poppel
Nieder, FabioErnestine ... ein Geburtstagsgeschenkharp solowritten for Ernestine Stoopvia ernstoop@xs4all.nl2005
Noda, TeruyukiThe Dream of Endymionharp solopublished by Ongaku No Tomo Sha Corp.1984
Nodaira, IchiroMessages 1harp solopublished Édition Herny Lemoine1985
Nodaïra, IchiroMessagesharp soloMorceau de concours for CNSM Lyon in 1985Lemoine Paris09'1985
Onna, Peter vanSecret Gardenharp soloyoutubeinspired by the classic children's book 'The Secred Garden' by Grances H. BurnettBroekmans en van Poppel05'2000 written for the Third Dutch Harp Competition
Oosten, Roel van Triptychharp solo with percussionwritten for Gwyneth Wentinkascolta Music Publishing2004/2007
Oosten, Roel vanTriptychharp solo with percussionDonemus Amsterdam2007
Ovsepyan, PetrosFour studies in illusionharp solowww.petrosovsepyan.com09'1999
Patterson, BenWhat music can you make from these notes?harp soloGraphic scorevariable2008
Paúl, AbelLa voz detràsharp solo with voiceCommissioned by Ensemble Smash2012
Raxach, EnriqueDances Pythiqueharp solopublished by Donemus08'1992
Reverdy, MichèleQuartorze poignées d'argileharp soloLeduc Paris10'2000 premiered by Isabel Moretti
Rossé, FrancoisEl'Enehharp soloFuzeau07'2001 premiered by Hélène Breschand
Saariaho, KaijaFallharp solo with electronicsyoutubeSixt part of ballet the MaaWilhem Hansen06'1991
Sadafian, AmirbahadorSubstantial Motionharp soloThis music is based on the philosophy idea of 'Substantial Motion'sadafian@musician.org07'not premiered yet
Schmitt, MeinradKonzertetüde 1984 'Das Mahl der Harpyen'harp solopublished by Musica per arpa, Vereinigung deutscher HArfenisten e.V.1984
Schüttler, Martinschöner leben 4 (sumo D.D.)harp solo, tape, amplification and televisionyoutubewritten for Miriam
Sciarrino, SalvatoreL'addio a trachisharp soloyoutubeRicordi Milan05'1980 premiered by Claudia Antonelli
Sharman, RodneyCordes Videsharp solofor Erica Goodmanvia Rodney Sharman1990
Stubbe Teglbjärg, Hans PeterRhizomeharp and electronicsstubbe@vip.cybercity.dk1992 premiered by Ernestine Stoop
Taira, YoshihisaSublimationharp soloBroekmans en van Poppel
Takemitsu, ToruStanza IIharp solo and tapeyoutubeDedicated to Ursula Holligerpublished by Salabert
for the Netherlands order
Broekmans en van Poppel
Tanada, FuminoriMysterious Morning Iharp soloyoutubeLemoine Paris06'1995
Taïra, YoshihisaSublimationharp soloDurand Paris07'1971
Tisné, AntoineParticuleharp soloAfter a poeme by David NiemannBillaudot Paris15'1985
Ton-That, TietChu ky IIIharp soloJobert Paris111977 premiered by Francis Pierre
Tone, YasunaoTen haikus of Matsuo Bashoharp soloGraphic scorevariable2007
Tsoupaki, CalliopePas de deuxharp solopublished by Donemus07'1995
Tsoupaki, CalliopePirouetteharp solopublished by Donemus07'1997
Veenendaal, Albert vanThe Plastic Crusaderharp soloyoutubeFour movements, The Plastic, The Dream, The Road, www.albertvanveenendaal.nl15'2013 premiered by Miriam Overlach
Verbey, TheoLa Malinconia IIharp soloCommissioned by November Music 2011published by Deuss music03'2013 premiered by Godelieve Schama
Verlaan, DaanVariation on a tuning-forkharp solo2011 premiered by Florence Sitruk
Werkman, ArneHarparium
Suite for Pedal Harp opus 60
harp soloALAW Music Publishing, Wales 2013
Werkman, ArneHarps & Horses
Suite for Lever Harp Op. 61
leverharp soloALAW Music Publishing, Wales 2013
Wolff, ChristianFor Harp Playerharp soloGraphic score09'2009
Wolff, Jean-ClaudeIncanationharp solowritten for Ernestine Stoopvia ernstoop@xs4all.nl06'1995
Yedid, YitzhakOuf of Infinityharp soloyoutubeIsrael Music Institute06'2009
Yun, IsangIn Balanceharp solopublished by Bote&Bock
for the Netherlands order Broekmans en van Poppel
Zbinden, Jean-Francois3 Esquisses Japonais op.72harp soloBroekmans en van Poppel10'1985
Patterson, PaulArmisticeharp soloArmistice was commissioned for Lavinia Meijer for the 65th Anniversary of ending of the 2nd World'2010
Patterson, PaulBugs opus 89harp soloyoutubeBugs may be viewed as a sequel to Paul Patterson's earlier harp piece, Spiders. Dedicated to Skaila'2003
Patterson, PaulSpirals, opus 15harp soloCommissioned by Sioned Williams for her 60th'2013
Beamish, SallyAwuyaharp soloyoutubeFirst performed by Louise Vickerman at Glasgow University in 199809'1998
Emmerik, Ivo van(part of) everything [4]harp soloWaiting for his première! www.ivovanemmerik.nl07'2011
Whiticker, MichaelAfter the fireharp solorecording australian music centreTitle is taken from a series of works by Fred Williams, which the artist painted following a bush fire in the Dandenogs.
It is an intentionally destructive, ridiculing itself as much as all the harp works that have come before it.
Australian music centre28'1992 written for Marshall McGuire
Montoro, Juan LuisOndasharp and electronicawww.juanluismontoroa new soundworld for the harp, dealing with live electronic processes of harp soundsscore is uploaded in Scribd juanlumontoro@gmail.com13'Spring Festival of The Hague, 2016 written with Caterina Bevegni
Glover-Whitley, AndrewThrowingharp solo'2016
De Greift, BenoîtPrincesse Shireenharp soloSoundcloudbdeg@skynet.be03'2017 premiered by Juliette Michel-Vallin

For the Netherlands order via