Workshops & Concerts

Miriam and Sabien offer an extension to this website in the form of ‘Composing for Harp’ workshops at conservatoires and music festivals. The workshops are designed for harpist and composers alike.

We offer the following two formats:

  1. A lecture presenting the harp and its playing techniques, followed by a short concert of contemporary music. Afterwards there will be the possibility to ask questions and try the harp.
  2. An ongoing course for harp and composition students over several weeks. This course aims to have harpists and composers create new pieces together. We start with a lecture as in format 1, followed by sessions on sketches of new work. The workshop ends with a presentation of the new compositions.

We also offer to give you advice and personal workshops via the internet/skype. Send us your piece and we will work on it, go through it precisely and look at it with the harpist’s eyes. Afterward, we advise you about playability, difficulties, techniques, and notation of your piece. Fee per hour: 50$